The Original Food Grade Tailgate Table Patent #D929307

New For 2022 Is Version 8

🟥🟧🟨Features Our New Black Smoke And New Recessed Pocket to Set Stuff In While In Camp. Phones, Keys, Or Even Tools & Hardware While Installing Your Favorite Mods. This New Feature Can Also Be Helpful While Preparing Food. Now You Have A Place To Move Your Trimmings From Steak Or Vegetables To Keep That Camp Mess To A Minimum. Never Spill Your Drink Again With Our 2 Cup Recesses On The Right Like Some Of Our Original Hatch Models. From #mountainhatchusa

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For Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses & Medical Workers, Active Military & Veterans, Long Haul Truck Drivers 🟥⬜️🟦

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The most versatile off-road trailer on the market

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The Original Food Grade Tailgate Insert